Friday, 26 October 2012

7M, The Singing Stars!

During their weekly Music lessons, the Year 7's have been learning the song Hey, Ho, Nobody Home. Once they had mastered the words and the melody, the next step was to sing it as a round.

Mr Tait's class, 7M have been successful in reaching this step. In fact, they've managed to sing this particular song in 3 parts and with a beautiful vocal tone. I was very impressed when we first attempted Hey, Ho, Nobody Home as a round, and since then, it has continued to improve.

That said, I believe 7M's vocal abilities deserved to be shared with the school community. So, during their recent Music lesson, I captured their excellent rendition of the song.

Listen and enjoy. Very well done, students of 7M!

Miss Davies


  1. Thankyou for letting us share your lesson. Love it.

    1. Thank you for watching! Glad you enjoyed the video.