Monday, 12 November 2012

Choir: Stars That Twinkle and Shine

As requested by Choir students, here are the lyrics to 'Stars That Twinkle and Shine'. It would be great if you could learn these yourself at home!
Stars that twinkle and shine,
Lights that sparkle and glow, (lights that sparkle and glow at Christmas)
Bright red bows on a Christmas tree,
Jingle bells and snow.

Carols sung by a choir,
Songs that everyone knows, (I hear them)
Sleigh bells jingling,
Church bells chime,
These are a part of Christmas time.

(Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas etc... and Happy New Year!)
Can you see the signs of Christmas?
It’s that time of year again.
Can you hear the sounds of Christmas?
Echoing their joyous strain?

Stockings hung by a fire,
Children snug in their beds, (Children snug in their beds with visions)
Sleepy visions of Santa Claus, dancing in their heads.

Happy holiday songs,
Wreaths of holly and pine, (wreaths of holly and pine are hanging)
Sprigs of mistletoe hanging high,
These are a part of Christmas time.

May the happy signs of Christmas
Fill your heart with joy the whole year through.

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