Thursday, 14 February 2013

What We Love About Music!

This week, the Year 3 classes discussed what they love about Music. It was so wonderful to hear that every student has something that they enjoy about music, whether it was singing, dancing, listening to their iPods or playing instruments! Each student was given a love heart and was to draw, write and colour inside the heart why they love Music. The student's who have the best designs will find their heart on a collage to be displayed in the classroom!

Here is the list of things that 3 Maroon student's love about Music:

 Also, I am VERY excited to report that this week, we have ended with THREE classes on the highest point of the fancy, new Behaviour Chart Guitar! A huge congratulations to Prep Navy, 1 Maroon and 1 White! I wonder who will be a rockstar next week?!

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