Sunday, 8 May 2016

Term 2 update

This term, students have been demonstrating their music skills and knowledge through a variety of tests and performance-based assessments. I have been very pleased with each year levels efforts in completing the tests to the best of their ability. Well done!

The results students' receive from this testing will help determine their report card result at the end of Term 2. Their report card result is also based on their overall participation in class - singing tasks, instrument tasks and their interaction with their peers.

The choir have been working incredibly hard so far this year, busily learning two songs to perform at the QLD Catholic Schools Music Festival in Term 3. Thank you to the many students who have attended every rehearsal so far! Your commitment is amazing! 

Choir students are encouraged to rehearse the songs at home. The lyrics can be accessed via the 'Choir' button on the left of this blog.

Mr Saunders and our Instrumental students are also working very hard on their pieces to perform at QCMF. I love walking in on a Friday morning and hearing the band playing and rehearsing. If your child is interested in learning an instrument at the school, please see the office for the necessary forms from Creative Kidz.

Artistic Success?
If your child has a music, dance, drama or performance success outside of school, please let me know! I love to hear of these achievements and would be thrilled to share them with the school community. 

Yours in Music,
Miss Davies

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