Singing Tips

Many of our students at St Bernardine's are growing into singing superstars! They are confident singing in groups or solo during their Music lessons, and/or are keen participants in the school choir.

Here are a few quick tips on how to improve your singing:

1. Open your mouth to sing!
2. Stand with your legs slightly apart, and relax your knees.
3. Relax your jaw, tongue and neck.
4. Keep your chin in a neutral, level position.
5. Relax your shoulders.
6. Breathe deeply and gently. Your tummy should pop in and out as you breath!
7. Always warm up your voice before you jump into singing a big song.
8. Sing with ENERGY.
9. If you're singing in a group, make sure you listen to the others singing with you.
10. Stay hydrated - drink lots of water to keep your voice happy!

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